Chef William Gentry

About William Gentry

After fifteen years of working in professional kitchens, Chef William Gentry has moved his focus to the home kitchen. As the sous-chef at Tayst Restaurant (Nashville’s first certified green restaurant) and chef of Local Kitchen Catering at the side of Executive Chef Jeremy Barlow, Gentry developed great relationships with local farmers that he wants to bring to your table. With his vast knowledge of world and local cuisine, processes and technique, Chef William will design menus to fit all tastes and dietary concerns.

From playing in his godmother’s restaurant in southern Spain to learning family recipes from his grandmother in Nashville, William has always been fascinated with food. Now, this infatuation and dedication to the exploration for the best quality and tasting food can be in your home!

Chef William Gentry is excited to provide the skill and knowledge that can only be received from a fine dinning chef to people and families that really want it.